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Managing your marketing business online entails more time and effort to reach the target audience. Paid traffic advertising platforms provide the convenience of endorsing your ad campaign, and there are a lot of services that will assist you in achieving this objective. One reliable service is the Traffic for Me. This helps your business get a lot of traffic and possible customers and followers.

Traffic For Me review shows that this is important for your online marketing business. On the other hand, many people ask if Traffic for Me is legit or a scam, or beneficial for your commerce. This Traffic for Me review will assist in making clear to you what this traffic service can bring to the table.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing: the #1 ridiculously easy way to grow your business -  optinmonster

Email marketing is a kind of direct online marketing utilizing email to distribute the marketing messages. It is a direct and very efficient way of marketing.

Having people on a mailing list means that you are able to send information time and time again.

This is the most excellent way of advertising because it is at a meager cost to you. It also builds up a relationship between visitors and the owner of the website.

This is good as they end up trusting you and also believe you if you suggest a service or product to them. Email marketing can be run on autopilot the moment it is set up.

Does Email Marketing Work?

For internet marketers, the success of this kind of marketing can come in many forms. There is the matter of engagement, open rates, and lead generation. However, we will assess the basic figures prior to tracking these metrics as they concern email.

The email marketing approach needs to be utilized prominently for the email marketing approach to become successful. So, in this respect, email is at no risk of falling out of help and goodwill. A few years ago, there were more than three billion users of email. That is a huge demographic for marketers online to reach.

Yet, simply because many people utilize email does not essentially prove it’s still functioning, at least not on its own.

To check the effect of this marketing, you need to think about its impact on the company that utilizes it. Perhaps more importantly, how many online marketers think of it as their best tool in general?

If this approach falls out of your favor, you can believe it will be falling out to make space for other tactics. But studies have revealed this is not the case.

Email is not only a tool for branching out offers to clients or making leads; it is a good tool for making a good ROI in marketing efforts. Companies that utilize it and do it very well can take pleasure in high sales and a cost-efficient way of marketing overall.

The main reason why many people think email really works is because of its age. Normally, we think outdated technologies or systems will fall out of goodwill. Some do; however, others evolve. This is what marketing has done and the reason why it works and is effective.

Pros & Cons of Using Solo Ad Traffic

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Solo ad traffic is promoting an offer on a person’s email list. Solo ads traffic comes in cost per click model with assured clicks. Therefore, to purchase solo ad traffic, you must know somebody eager to sell ads for you. Not just that, the markets must relate to it. Like always, the untargeted market isn’t worth it.

There are lots of advantages of solo ad traffic, such as targeted traffic and getting started for a very low price. You are also able to tap into diverse solo ad traffic sources via buying clicks from many vendors and marketplaces.

Pre-warm up capability since every guest is reading an email message, you are able to warm up deeply the traffic. A and B test diverse providers to determine the superb traffic for a product or service is also an amazing benefit. You also have the capability to scale when needed and conversion tracking too.

Despite the many perks, it also comes with disadvantages, such as you are not able to pause ads. You can’t revert if the order is already set.

The quality of the traffic of every seller might differ. It’s harder to look for high-quality traffic vendors, so you may want a bigger budget in order to get on track. Also, with this kind of marketing, you cannot utilize interest targeting, audience age targeting, and many others. However, you are able to target based on a geographic location.

What Is Traffic for Me All About?

Traffic For Me is one of the best and most reliable paid-advertising service providers where you can acquire clicks to improve your marketing efforts through social media ads, email ads as well as SMS. There are two types of online visitors; free traffic, which can be acquired from forums, search engine optimization, social media, and paid traffic.

Traffic For Me provides service by promoting your business (page links, website) via email marketing and solo ads. The main objective of this paid-ad service company is to assist you in reaching more potential clients with your product or service and improve your sales by sending more traffic.

They also assure that their clicks are not just the cleaner but also the easier than you can avail from other providers out there. This looks like a good deal. They also provide free customer support in the type of support services and private coaching. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Traffic For Me assures us to create the cleanest email for its users.

Also, they classify the generated traffic to be not just cleaner and better but also easier among other sites.

The user interface is simple and can be used by those who are not tech-savvy, and the traffic is hand-chosen in order to go along with the needs of your business to interested clients. This site is safe as they have anti-fraud features that block fraud and spam.

Apart from the produced traffic, users can also get professional advice and recommendation for free. They also have free access to the helpdesk and are able to compare the package rate. They utilize custom online traffic ordering technology that works seamlessly on all devices, be it laptops, desktops, or smartphones.

How Does Traffic for Me Work?

The main concept behind the service offered by Traffic for Me is the same as the Solo ads marketplace like UDIMI or exclusive solo ads vendors, which provide the service on This means you are able to order a particular amount of traffic, mainly in the type of sold ads.

After that, they will send targeted email clicks; however, it depends on your chosen package while submitting the order.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how this service works. I am going to give you the process in detail. So, check this out!

• Make an Account and Log In

First and foremost, you need to make an account to get started. All you need to do is visit the company’s website at Creating an account is for free.

They will send two emails with guides on logging in and links to assist and support you in the whole process. The next step is to log in and click Order Traffic to make your own campaign.

• Choose Your Niche (Restricted Niche Choice)

Traffic For Me review shows that this provides targeted visitors in just a few incredibly viral niches to highlight. If the business doesn’t fit in the niche listed, then this platform will not be useful or beneficial to you.

Niches you can select from:

  • BizzOpp, MMO
  • Health And Diet
  • Forex, Binary, Crypto
  • Personal Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Survival and Prepping

Choose the Type of Visitors You Like

One thing that got people a little bit confused regarding this service provider is choosing to prefer the type of traffic they want.

Always bear in mind that not all niches offered have a similar deal in offer. As a matter of fact, their niches have limited choices to select from. If you have chosen the package that meets your needs, you will need to choose the number of clicks you would like to avail.

Choose the Number of Clicks You Like

This platform enables you to order from 200 up to 10,000 clicks. On the other hand, the value will carry depend on the type of deal you are buying.

  • $150 for 200 exceptional clicks
  • $350 for 500 exceptional clicks
  • $700 for 1,000 exceptional clicks
  • $1,300 for 2,000 exceptional clicks
  • $2,300 for 3,500 exceptional clicks
  • $3,200 for 5,000 exceptional clicks
  • $6,000 for 10,000 exceptional clicks

For instance, you will give out $345 for 500 unique clicks with the Premium Email package. On the other hand, if you decide to buy 500 clicks from the Super Premium package, you will pay approximately $395.

Choose How Often You Like Traffic for Me to Send Visitors

The last thing you will need to do is choose how often you like them to send the visitors to your website or business.

You can pick from the options below:

  • One Time ASAP
  • One Time Custom
  • Monthly Campaign
  • Bi-Weekly Campaign
  • Weekly Campaign

The options mentioned above enable you to manage the flow. The superb idea is to opt for weekly campaigns as they assure to give you 20 percent more real traffic when you decide to get this one.

• Finance the Campaign

If you have done the steps mentioned, you will need to finance the campaign prior to publishing your order.

• Make Your Promo

When done funding the campaign, your next move is to give the staff landing pages, email swipes, links, and other promo material you will utilize for the campaign.

• Settle the Order and Begin Sending Exceptional Clicks

This is the last step in the process of acquiring links, confirming the order, and sensing exceptional clicks to the business. That’s it. That is how this platform works. You can also watch the YouTube videos provided by Traffic for Me on how to acquire links.

Traffic For Me Cost

For buying and sending traffic, Traffic for Me offers different types of packages that will suit your needs. The system has options that will be suitable and matched to the target market. Here are the packages offered by this paid-advertising company:

Super Premium Email Traffic: This package is ideal for an ad campaign if the target audiences are from the UK, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and Australia. The Premium Email Traffic provides the highest conversion and clicks. Here is the breakdown of Premium Email Traffic cost per click:

  • $345 for 500 clicks
  • $675 for 1,000 clicks
  • $1,290 for 2,000 clicks
  • $5,750 for 10,000 clicks

Top 5 Email Traffic: Another popular package offered by this paid advertising company is the Top 5 Email Traffic. This kind of traffic sends your email to the target market in different countries like the USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Here is the breakdown of cost per click offered by the Top 5 Email Traffic

  • $395 for 500 clicks
  • $740 for 1,000 clicks
  • $6200 for 10,000 clicks.

Starter Traffic Package: This offers you an opportunity to test the solo ad campaign. This system will send your traffic campaigns promptly every 1 or 2 days. This will cost you $154 for 200 premium clicks up to $205 for 500 mobile clicks

SMS Messaging Package

This is another popular package provided by Traffic for Me. This package offers services that send text messages regarding your campaigns rather than emails, as the name suggests. This is a little bit of a complicated way of building traffic ads because it will be considered spam and will not be valued and respected by those getting ads through SMS. What is more, it is hard to get the phone number of the prospects than their email address. Here is the breakdown of the price of the service:

  • $395 for 1000 clicks
  • $740 for 2,000 clicks
  • $2900 for 10,000 clicks.

This kind of service provides you with a chance to try other solo ads campaign. They will send a traffic campaign promptly every 1 to 2 days, which will cost you $154 for 200 clicks up to $205 for 500 clicks for SMS.

Solo Ad Program

The best thing about the program offered by Traffic for Me is that it provides you with a choice to concentrate the traffic in a specific market. If you want to share the newest marketing business opportunity online, the Biz Op and Make Money is the best choice. Suppose you like to promote your own online marketing business open to the target market. In that case, this paid advertising program offers an internet program that will share a blog, YouTube videos, and a website. It provides a social media profile and excellent exposure to the target market. Traffic For Me also offers other solo ad programs, such as Personal Development Stocks, Health and Diet, Survival Prepping, and Forex and Binary Trading. There are a lot of categories that can assist you in concentrating the buildup of traffic in a particular niche or market.

Is Traffic for Me Legit?

Many of you ask if Traffic for Me is a scam or legit. These platforms assist online marketers in improving their traffic reach in various channels like social media, SMS, and email advertising. The scheme is to promote your business via an online marketing system to make the ad program traffic-driven and, at the same time, have a broader audience reach. The online marketing system engages in sold ads and email marketing plans to drive more sales as well as leads for online businesses by driving enough traffic to marketing campaigns.

Who Can Benefit from Traffic for Me?

Traffic For Me review shows that this provides traffic to an array of different markets or niches, which include but are not limited to:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Make Money Online
  • Home Business Opportunities
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Investing, Bitcoin, and Crypto

Is Traffic for Me Offer High-Quality Traffic?

Yes. Traffic For Me is a perfect way of getting targeted traffic for your business/website or affiliate offers. Also, they are one of the most reliable and popular platforms available, rising to be the best go-to paid advertising or go-to traffic agencies.

They have been in the business for many years and, in fact, already delivered millions of exceptional clicks in which time. This has given the agency the name of being a dependable source of high-quality traffic.

This paid traffic service also promises to provide clean and high-quality traffic straight to a landing page. So, it means that the sources they garner traffic from are well-chosen and filtered to throw out bad traffic like Bots, Banned Locations, or Duplicate Clicks.

My Final Recommendations on Using Traffic for Me

I highly recommend using reliable traffic providers like Traffic For Me. . Although this kind of service is expensive, we suggest starting with small packages to try them first to figure out whether you will get a positive return on investment.

You can make your free account, and choose from many traffic packages on offer and this will help your online business become successful.

I don’t recommend this one to newbies or if you are on a tight budget. If you are just starting with your business online, my advice is, to begin with, free options.

This is generally a remarkable paid ad website that provides impressive results. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now by visiting their website.

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