What Is An MLM Prospect? | MLM Prospect Defined

Many people are unaware of what it means to be an MLM prospect and don’t know how to effectively engage them in their business.

Without understanding what an MLM prospect is, you could be missing out on potential customers and valuable opportunities to grow your business.

With the right understanding of what an MLM prospect is, you can unlock the potential of your MLM business and gain more customers. In this post, we will define what is MLM prospect is, give you some examples, and distinguish what makes an MLM prospect different from a lead.

MLM Prospect Defined

An MLM prospect is someone who is generally interested in the idea of a home-based business, MLM, direct sales, and network marketing but may not have had any exposure to your business, products, or opportunity yet.

Your goal is to reach out to these folks either through MLM prospecting or marketing your business until they express interest, in becoming an MLM lead.

For example, if you created a FB group of individuals who are interested in “Money-Making Side-Hustle Ideas”, the folks in the group are still considered prospects.

MLM Prospects VS MLM Leads

There is a big key difference between someone who is a prospect and someone who is a lead. A prospect is someone who is generally interested in something. Pitching them your business opportunity isn’t usually going to go well for these folks. You have built no rapport with them. Before you pitch anyone your business opportunity, you should turn them into a lead first. This means having them engage in a transaction with you.

In the above example, if some of the folks who joined your FB group joined your private newsletter because in exchange they will get some exceptional education from you then they would have transacted with you. Only then are they now an MLM lead.

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