6 Best SEO Services For Shopify Sites In 2023

Organic traffic is essential for any eCommerce firm to succeed. Search engine optimization (SEO/SERPs) contributes to increased website visibility on Google’s search results pages is facilitated by ). Finding water in a desert is similar to setting up a Shopify store and waiting for the sales to start coming in-almost impossible.

This article presents a selection of Shopify SEO services online. These assist a Shopify store owner that has trouble driving enough organic traffic to your website. Use the Shopify SEO services to optimize your store for search engines, raise ranks, increase relevant organic traffic, and increase online sales. SEO experts can help you boost the visibility of your online store.

Why Do You Need Shopify SEO Services?


You’ve used Shopify to build up your online store. Now is the time to get people to visit your website and buy things from it so you can generate money. Well, there are several SEO strategies available to get customers to newly built Shopify websites. These include search engines, cold emails, Google Ads, and social media.

Search engine traffic is entirely free, guaranteeing the maximum return on investment. Although it’s free, optimizing your Shopify store for search engines can be very challenging if hundreds (or thousands) of other websites sell the same thing. Selecting the best Shopify SEO campaign may assist you in ranking web pages in the top search engine results and boosting organic traffic to your Shopify store. Here are a few Shopify SEO services that you should consider.

In the long run, investing in Shopify SEO optimization early on in the life of your company can yield extended rewards. We have a team of seasoned Shopify SEO experts who can assist you in optimizing your store for higher search engine rankings in all areas.

Shopify SEO Services

Shopify Website Audit: 

Get a thorough website audit report from the right Shopify SEO agency. These experts in eCommerce businesses have a complete understanding of all elements in Shopify stores and how they affect sales.

Relevant Keywords Research & Shopify SEO Strategy: 

This considers the profitable keyword ideas to improve SEO for Shopify stores. It also includes how Google analytics provides performance data for these keywords.

Shopify Content Writing: 

Enhance your Shopify store with new and SEO-friendly material created by expert authors.

Shopify Search Engine Optimization On-Page 

Improve the category and product pages on your website. This on-page SEO for Shopify is Google-friendly and helps your store rank.

Shopify Search Engine Optimization Off-Page

Boost your online reputation with SEO for Shopify stores by creating powerful off-page links to your Shopify store and following the advice of a Shopify SEO specialist.

Shopify Technical SEO: 

To make your Shopify store SEO-friendly, locate and address all technical problems.

Beware of Shady SEO Shopify Companies

Avoid SEO companies that promise you top-page positions, try to confuse you with technical terms, or act as though you need Rosetta Stone to understand SEO. Any business claiming to possess a top-secret method to understand Google’s algorithm is trying to con you.

There are also “black-hat” SEO firms that attempt to deceive or manipulate Google’s algorithm. However, they often do more long-term harm than good.

A reputable, well-established SEO agency will want to work with your business as an extension. Although SEO has a lot of technical components, speaking with a salesperson at an SEO business about SEO shouldn’t require any technical understanding.

Shopify SEO Companies

  1. Ranked.ai
Ranked ai intro

Ranked.ai is an SEO agency that broke into the SEO scene back in 2016, by offering simple solutions for website owners, for a low monthly fee. Since then, they have been able to help thousands of website owners improve their website performance.

Perhaps the best thing about them is the weekly content that they will deliver and publish on your behalf to your website. There are very few things in the internet marketing space that will exceed the ROI of solid content. However, Ranked.ai recently launched several add-on services that you gain access to once you subscribe as a monthly user. Their add-ons include:

  • Web page copy services
  • Long-form blog content
  • Google PPC Ads

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  1. Ranking-Articles.com

Ranking-Articles.com is a fantastic resource when you have writing projects that you need to complete. I recommend Ranking-Articles if you need to hire writers on a per-project basis.

When I first got started blogging, I only had a few hundred dollars a month I allocated toward hiring writers for content. Ranking-Articles was my go-to because I was able to get professionally researched, SEO-optimized, and written content at a price that fit my budget.

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  1. NicheWebsite.Builders
Image 4

The most complete content generation service for affiliate marketers is offered by Niche Website Builders. It offers a fully hands-off solution that takes care of everything, from content creation to keyword research.

Additionally, the service provides you with 5% additional content if you subscribe for six months and 10% more if you subscribe for a year.

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  1. OuterBox

Would you like to create a Shopify website? OuterBox is a seasoned eCommerce professional with knowledge of both the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms. Its experts can guide you through a customized SEO strategy from their experience with Shopify design, development, and marketing. 

The business may assess the goals of your eCommerce stores and choose the finest solution to help you achieve them. It is recognized as the top Shopify SEO company and has a complete in-house marketing team.

  1. Whitecap SEO

Whitecap SEO’s efforts to optimize their websites initially drew them into the niche. What initially began as a learning opportunity eventually developed into a passion and a profession.

With years of SEO experience under its belt, the company is now focused on giving businesses of all sizes the specialized support they need to compete online. Every customer’s customized white hat plan is created to maximize their sales, traffic, and SEO rankings.

  1. SEOReseller.com

At SEOReseller, they don’t simply comprehend SEO, they also know how to apply it to your company in a way that reflects your industry, your target market, and your final objective of increasing online conversions or foot traffic to physical stores. The business builds a digital marketing strategy that is intended for long-term success while accurately representing your brand.

There are already more than 1.7 billion websites online, but their eCommerce SEO services will make yours stand out from the competition.

What to Watch for in a Shopify SEO Agency:

  • “Rankings guarantees” companies.
  • New businesses with less historical context or understanding
  • Salespeople who try to confuse you with technical lingo
  • Companies without case studies, endorsements, or favorable comments.
  • The Shopify SEO services cost

Identify Your Goals Internally

The best course of action is to have some clear objectives in mind before working with an SEO service on your Shopify store. SEO can help you reach your goals if all you want to do is “raise organic traffic” or “generate more sales online.”

However, you will find that the businesses you approach will take you more seriously if you have more specific objectives in mind, such as “we want to raise organic sales by 50% in 2022 compared to 2021.”

More importantly, the SEO business will immediately be aware of your objectives and goals, and will then create a personalized price for the number and kind of SEO services it anticipates will be necessary to achieve those goals.

Perhaps increasing traffic to one or two specific products is your key SEO objective. Perhaps you want to attract more leads to a piece of educational content on your site. If you’re open to recommendations, you might want to work with an SEO company to create fresh marketing plans for the future.

Be clear about your objectives early on in the process so that the best Shopify SEO experts can assist you in achieving them. Your agency’s objective is to move your store to the top of the search results once goals and phrases have been established.

Ask the SEO Agency About Their Websites Rankings

Inquire about the terms their agency website ranks for when dealing with prospective SEO agencies. Working with an SEO business that doesn’t have any organic traffic or authority with their company website can be a major warning sign that they are inexperienced.

Look for eCommerce SEO and Shopify SEO Experience

Choose a Shopify SEO services company that has handled eCommerce SEO campaigns before. SEO for eCommerce is similar to other types of SEO, but since every visitor to your site is a potential customer, there is considerably more at stake.

Thorough keyword research is necessary with eCommerce websites and SEO to find terms with eCommerce purposes that will also convert once they reach your store.

Content marketing is equally essential for eCommerce companies. However, when it comes to utilizing SEO to support a bigger content marketing strategy, many SEO agencies fall short.

Working with SEO experts familiar with Shopify stores is also essential. The online store is intended to be user-friendly, however, you must modify your SEO strategies frequently.

Communication Is Key

Weekly or monthly reports that include all of the necessary information and KPIs about your SEO strategy will be provided by trustworthy and well-established SEO businesses. If your team had the time to examine site data and KPI, you probably wouldn’t need to hire an SEO agency in the first place.

Analysis of this data and its usage in the creation of ongoing strategies are normally the responsibility of your SEO service, not of you. The top SEO agencies always develop new ideas and plans based on accurate, useful data and insights while keeping you informed of the most recent KPIs and statistics of your campaign.

You must engage with a reputable Shopify SEO company that you can trust to give you unbiased information about their outcomes. This relates to what we said previously about choosing your goals before working with SEO experts.

Finding a company that comprehends your business goals with SEO will be simpler if you are aware of them.


The right Shopify SEO company can be the difference between a successful eCommerce business and one that fails. Check out the Shopify websites listed in this article to know which service will best fit your eCommerce store.

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